Technology Errors

How To mv Files With A Dash: mv: invalid option — 1, Try mv –help for more information

Recently I was moving files from one directory to another on a CentOS 5.4 server and ran into an issue. When attempting to move every single file in the directory I received an error which is noted below. It took me a couple minutes but I figured out by trial and error that the issue was related to files starting with a “-“(dash) because the mv command thought that I was attempting to use a switch. The resolution is easy using “./”. Look at the below examples for more information about the error and how it was resolved.

Technology Errors

Redmine Error Moving Issue Between Projects: Failed To Save 1 Issue On 1 Selected

I had a Redmine ticket I had been working on with our customer support team at work. After working through the initial ticket that was loosely related to a customer initially ended up being a larger issue and I decided to move the ticket to an engineering project as that is where I actively work tickets typically. When I attempted to move the ticket I received an error stating that it had failed to save. Below I describe what the issue ended up being and how I temporarily modified a setting so I could move the ticket.

Technology Insights

Redmine Project Management: Modify Issue Tracker

You can edit any part of a ticket within Redmine though sometimes it is not always straight forward. I was shuffling around the way tickets are classified in one of our projects and wanted to move tickets from one Tracker classification to another and was unable to do so by Updating or Editing the ticket. Then I realized by moving the issue you can not only move the issue between Projects but you can also move the ticket between Trackers.