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Convert Video Files Such As AVI, MPG, or WMV To DVD Using Roxio Media MyDVD

I was looking to convert some AVI videos I had created recently to DVD so my neighbor could watch the videos using their DVD player but I hadn’t done this in quite awhile so I began the search for some good open source software. After awhile I realized I had purchased a desktop recently and I figured it may have software installed by default that would convert and burn these files for me. Sure enough Roxio Pro was installed and it has a tool called MyDVD that will not only convert from many media files to DVD but it will also burn during that conversion. Below I describe how to create DVD’s from any type of media file using Roxio myDVD.

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DivX Player .MKV Files: Audio Format Not Supported, Use KMPlayer Play .MKV Files Without Issues

I downloaded a video file the other day that had a .MKV file ending and was having a lot of trouble playing this file in the typical video players I had installed. Typically when all else fails I can use DivX Player and install an additional audio or video codec to play pretty much any video file with sound. This file was causing me a little bit more of a problem so I had to do some reading so below I explain some information I found, some things I tried, and the overall final step I took to play this .mkv video file.

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Windows Vista Free Video to Screen Saver Converter, Convert WMV, AVI, MP4 to Vista Screensavers

I had some of the Microsoft Vista Dream Scenes that I wanted to convert to screen savers but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do this in Windows Vista without installing a third party application. I went through a lot of shareware applications that were trying to suck me in to spend money and finally found Video2ScreenSaver which was completely free and works perfect. Below I describe where to download Video2ScreenSaver and how to use it.

First off I was able to get videos working in Windows Vista Ultimate by creating a folder, adding the video I wanted to show as a screen saver, and then pointing the Photos screen saver to that folder. If you decide to do this then make sure to select “Pan and Zoom” under “Use this Theme”. The issue with doing this though is the transition to restart the movie. It fades out for a second and then back to the start of the movie. I wanted a way for the video to loop without knowing it was repeating and that is what I accomplished using the method below.

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QuickTime Movies Not Playing and Looks Like Its Loading Forever

If you are attempting to play an embedded QuickTime file (.mov) and it appears to be loading forever the chances are that you do not have QuickTime or the proper plugin for your browser installed. You can check if your browser is functioning properly by visiting this link here. If that movie plays correctly then your QuickTime plugin is functioning properly.

If the movie does not I suggest installing QuickTime by downloading it here. Please note that unless you want iTunes installed as well you should click the second radial button to install QuickTime only. Once downloaded double click the installation file and follow the guide to install QuickTime.