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Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package python26-2.6.2-2.i386

One of the annoying things about CentOS Linux is the current dependency on Python version 2.4. Typically I install Python version 2.6 and compile new programs using the 2.6 version of python instead of the 2.4 version. Recently on a server I had just installed CentOS 5.4 on I had a dependency issue when attempting to install python version 2.6 from the CHL repository. Below I display the error and describe how to install the libffi package on CentOS Linux.

Technology Insights

How to Get Back A Missing Address Bar in the Safari Web Browser

Recently I was installing some applications on a friends iMac computer and noticed his address bar was missing from the Safari web browser. I had never seen this before as I rarely use Safari though I imagine it was easy to resolve.

To add the address bar back into the browser you can either restore the toolbar defaults or just add in the address bar itself. To restore the default toolbar settings follow the steps below.