Information Security

Reset Metasploit Pro Web Console Password For msf User

Awhile back I installed a version of Metasploit Pro while juggling a couple other tasks and unfortunately I noted the password in an encrypted text document and forgot the location which in itself was a fail. Regardless of the mistake I made luckily Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro make it easy enough to change the msf user web console password without any pain. Use the directions below to modify the msf users login information on your Metasploit Pro or Metasploit Express installation.

Technology Insights

Using an Adobe Exploit in a Email Attack

This attack takes advantage of a vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The official release is here. Adobe has been informed of this vulnerability for well over a month now and has issued a statement that it will release a fix on January 14th. It is a scary thought that this exploit will be live and in the wild for almost 2 months before Adobe decides to fix it.  I am making this post in order to make people aware of how such a attack can take place and how easy it is to implement.