TextMate Find & Replace Using Regular Expressions

While working on a new section of the Question-Defense.com web site that will include articles related to Kali Linux I was creating a menu system that would be similar to the Kali Linux menu system. Once the menu was completed with the necessary content and was visually what I was looking for I needed to go back and make some enhancements for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal was to add a HTML title tag where a HTML alt tag already existed and I knew this shouldn’t be to hard to accomplish using regular expressions via TextMate’s find and replace function. Below I describe the issue in more detail along with the regular expression syntax that can be used to accomplish this in the TextMate find and replace window. Please make sure to backup all files you are going to modify before beginning so you can always rollback if need be.

Technology Errors

smbclient Backtrack Linux – sh: line 0: cd: /pentest/python/impacket-examples/: No such file or directory

When attempting to launch smbclient via the Backtrack menu in Backtrack Linux version 5 release 3 you will receive an error stating there is no such file or directory. It appears some of the paths have changed between Backtrack Linux releases and the menu item for smbclient was not updated. I personally prefer smbclient from the command line however if you like the smbclient.py python script then fixing it is easy as noted in the details below.

Technology Insights

Launch Terminal Window & Run A Command From Gnome Menu Item

Tonight I was working on creating some some listeners that run automatically on boot in Ubuntu. Not only should they run automatically but there should be scripts to start, stop, and watch the status of the listeners for incoming traffic. I also decided to add the items to the Ubuntu Applications menu and thought it would be neat if when the menu item was selected that it automatically launched a terminal window and ran the command automatically. Turns out that doing exactly that is really easy as explained below.

Technology Insights

Photoshop Move Bridge Button And Remove Bridge Reference From Photoshop Menu

I would prefer to remove Adobe Bridge from my machine all together but I haven’t found a solid way to accomplish that task yet so I settled for moving the Bridge button that was in the top left corner and removing the reference to Bridge in the File menu. My issue was that many times I would accidentally click on the Adobe Bridge button and have to wait until Bridge fully launched and then close it before I could continue. Use the information below to accomplish minimizing the impact of Bridge on your Photoshop use.

Technology Insights

Remove Unwanted Start Up Programs from Mac OS X Leopard

As I have been using this new mac, installing software and getting things just the way I like them, I noticed that many times when adding a program it wants to add it self to the start up. Its funny because this is one thing in Windos which always bothered me and now it happening on my mac as well. Even when you uninstall software , system start-up files are still left behind and can still load up at boot time. You can speed up your boot time and reduce unnecessary system bloat from OS X by removing old system start-up files that you no longer need. if this is happening to you read on its very easy to edit the start up programs list.