Technology Insights

Resource Monitoring on Windows 7

I have been exploring and tweaking Windows 7 and trying out all the “hacks” and “tweaks” I can find in order to get the best performance from my machine. This morning I found a new gem I didn’t know existed. This may have existed on Vista but since I never used Vista, I have no idea. Its called the resource monitor and it like the task manger on steroids.

Technology Insights

Firefox Cache Location, View And Edit Firefox Cache Using Only Firefox

Earlier tonight I was making some modifications on a web site I helped build and needed to verify that some things were not being stored in the cache. At the time I was testing the site with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.7 and needed a quick way to open cache history and verify one specific file was not cached. Below is a brief explanation of how to use Firefox to verify its own cache and steps on how to verify a file in cache and then delete that same file from the Firefox cache.

Technology Insights

Many HPBOID.EXE AND HPBPRO.EXE Processes Using Memory And CPU On Windows XP

A couple days ago I was printing a bunch of pictures from my laptop to my HP Photosmart 5100c for my father in-law. At one point I had run out of paper and other point had some other minor problem with the printer. After awhile I noticed that my computers CPU appeared to be fairly active even when I wasn’t doing anything so I started troubleshooting a bit to see what was going on.

Technology Errors

Error Starting Ruby Script/Server On A Macbook Pro Running OSX With PostgreSQL, Ruby, & Mongrel

A friend contacted me the other day because he was having an issue starting his development environment which consists of Ruby, PostgreSQL, and Mongrel. Ruby communicates with PostgreSQL using the postgres-pr gem version 0.6.1. Starting things using “ruby script/server” from within his Ruby project had been working for months without issue and there had been no confguration changes to Ruby, Postgres, or Mongrel so it appeared to not be configuration related. After getting a brief explanation of the issue I logged into his laptop and attempted to start the server. Below is the error received when attempting to start the server using “ruby script/server” via a terminal window on the Macbook Pro.