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What Package Installs more Via Yum On CentOS Linux

Typically you don’t need to install more because it is always already installed. The other night while researching something on a Windows 7 computer that had Cygwin installed we were looking to use more but it wasn’t installed. I am not sure if all default Cygwin installations don’t include more but in this case it didn’t. I typically use YUM to figure out what package provides specific applications if they are bundled with something else and not named by the command itself. Below is the output of yum whatprovides from a CentOS server when searching for the Linux package that installs more.

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Gentoo: Paste Into Vi Issue, Each Line Gains More Spaces To The Left

My Linux distribution of choice is CentOS so that is where I typically spend time. Recently though I have been working for a project that runs on a Gentoo Linux server. So far I really like Gentoo though there are some things that I am used to that are totally different. One minor issues I have had is how vi/vim (vi IMproved) handles text that is pasted into it. Every time I was pasting data into a file I was editing with vi. Initially I thought it must have been some odd formatting coming from the file I was copying the text from however I ruled this out quickly when I pasted into notepad first to remove all formatting and then into vi and sure enough the spaces on the left still existed. Below I explain the issue, provide an image of a shell window showing the issue, and how to resolve the problem.

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The Linux Kill Command Explained in Detail

The Linux kill command is used to kill PID’s or process ID’s. This command is beneficial for numerous reasons typically for run away processes, processes caught in some sort of loop, to kick users from a system, or any other number of reasons.

Typically kill is used in the below format with 12345 being the PID in this example.


  1. [root@server ~]# kill 12345

If the process will not die from using the above command the -9 switch can be added to force it to stop as shown below.