Technology Errors

CentOS Linux: ATI Stream Compile Error: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory

Today I was doing some testing with OpenCL and needed to install ATI Stream for one of the tests I was performing but I ran into an error during the compile process. The error related to glu.h which was not found during the compile process using make. Below I describe the error in more detail as well as what was done to resolve the error and make the glu.h file available on the server.

Technology Insights

Install Or Upgrade One Application From coreutils Package On CentOS Linux

Yesterday I needed to upgrade a single application on CentOS Linux. First I figured out that the application was part of the coreutils RPM package which is currently only available up to version coreutils 5.97-23 on CentOS. The current coreutils package is already up to coreutils 8.5 and upgrading coreutils is near impossible on CentOS because of other package requirements that it needs. Below are instructions on how to download the coreutils source, build the coreutils applications in a new directory, and then upgrade one application.