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Many people still seem to not be aware of EXIF data and the information it provides anyone that wants to view it. EXIF data is attached to image files as well as other files and provides all sorts of details from file creation time to exact GPS coordinates. This is the type of data that was extracted from an image uploaded by Vice Magazine that gave away John McAfee’s location when he escaped Belize. On Backtrack Linux there are numerous tools to extract EXIF data including exiftool which is written in Perl and easy to use. Below we will describe exiftool, which is located in /pentest/misc/exiftool/ or /usr/bin, and provide examples to show how easy it is to use.

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How To Add Background To Photoshop On Mac OSX

I have been using a Mac now for a little over 6 months and at this point I am pretty used to it however there are still things I find that I want to customize to be more how they used to work when I used Windows as my daily driver. The great thing is there is always a way to make it work on OSX and that was not always the case on Windows 7. I edit a lot of images for articles that I post online and so I am constantly using Photoshop and one thing that has really been annoying about Photoshop is the fact that it has a transparent background by default on the Mac. I always figured there was a way to set it but never spent the time to look but that changed tonight and below I describe how to set a grey background for Photoshop on the OSX just like how the Photoshop default background is on Windows.

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Test Multiple Browsers In OSX And Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari

I have looked in the past but never found a good tool for testing multiple browsers in both OSX and Windows however today I came across an Adobe product called BrowserLab that works great. The Adobe BrowserLab service is an online one that doesn’t cost any money and when I initially used it I only had to verify my email address and then I was off to the races testing websites in multiple browsers. Below I describe the accuracy of BrowserLab, the browsers you can test, and how easy it is to use.

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How To Access Mac OSX Hard Drive From Windows 7 Computer

We had a customer come in the computer shop the other day who needed us to troubleshoot an external hard drive that was crashing his Mac OSX laptop every time he plugged the USB cable from the external hard drive in. Once he left I removed the hard drive from the external hard drive enclosure and needed to find a way to access the data from my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop to verify the hard drive was functioning as expected. Use the information below to access an OSX hard drive, which is formatted either as HFS, HFS+, or HFSX, from a Windows 7 computer.

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How To Open .ECW Files On A Mac, EclipseCrossword On A Mac

Unfortunately EclipseCrossword is only available for Windows so you cannot install it directly on OSX on a Macintosh computer without the use of third party software. This leaves you a couple options if you only need to view the .ECW files including installing EclipseCrossword via third party software on the Macintosh or have someone with a Windows computer convert the ECW file to a format you can view more easily on your Mac. Below I describe each option in more detail.