Technology Insights

Skype Instant Message History Using 100% CPU On OSX

I really miss the old versions of Skype on my Macbook running OSX Mountain Lion. While I could just download and install one of the Skype version for .DMG’s some people I talk with require the newer version of Skype to use some of the features not available in the older versions, etc. I wish Skype would stop with the Facebook integration and all the other fancy stuff and just allow me to send instant messages and make phone calls as I am not sure I have ever seen a piece of software that I once liked so much take so many steps backwards. Anyhow the issue at hand is Skype on OSX Mountain Lion using all of your computers CPU and unfortunately my resolution to the issue is to use a third party application to view Skype history.

Technology Insights

How To Change An Images Color Profile On Mac OSX Lion

While looking into all of the specifics of the screencapture application on Mac OSX Lion I came across some interesting information about Color Profile. The Color Profile is assigned to each image captured with screencapture and I assume other media utilities function in the same way meaning they use the color profile that was configured when the image was created. The Color Profile stands for ICC Profile or International Color Consortium Profile and specifies a configuration file or set of configuration details that include color attributes. As you can image not all monitors display colors in the same way the same as not all graphics cards output colors in the same way so the Color Profile assigns settings that can be adjusted to make colors or any form of graphics look different.

Technology Errors

Error Starting Ruby Script/Server On A Macbook Pro Running OSX With PostgreSQL, Ruby, & Mongrel

A friend contacted me the other day because he was having an issue starting his development environment which consists of Ruby, PostgreSQL, and Mongrel. Ruby communicates with PostgreSQL using the postgres-pr gem version 0.6.1. Starting things using “ruby script/server” from within his Ruby project had been working for months without issue and there had been no confguration changes to Ruby, Postgres, or Mongrel so it appeared to not be configuration related. After getting a brief explanation of the issue I logged into his laptop and attempted to start the server. Below is the error received when attempting to start the server using “ruby script/server” via a terminal window on the Macbook Pro.