Technology Insights

pfSense Default Login

The default logins are noted in the pfSense documentation as well as numerous locations on the pfSense website however I am noting here for our own benefit. We try to remember so many default logins that we sometimes forget the easiest ones including the fact that pfSense uses a different username as default for SSH and for the pfSense admin GUI. So to make it easiest to find I have noted them below.

Technology Insights

Show All Applications That Open At Login On Mac OSX Lion

While trying to disable Skype from starting up automatically because of Skype 5.X’s horrible user interface I ran across some settings that I was previously not aware of on Mac OSX Lion. Specifically I found the location where all of the applications that automatically start at login are listed.  I was really happy to find this setting as there were a bunch of applications that I had previously uninstalled and there were still traces of those applications in places such as the Login Items list that had not been removed with the applications.

Information Security

Block WordPress User Enumeration, Secure WordPress Against Hacking

Recently I have been doing a lot of testing on a couple of my web sites that run WordPress and realized that securing your site takes a bit of effort. There are some plugins that do a great job at certain things however I wasn’t able to find any that did a great job of securing everything that I would prefer be secured. Below I describe a multi-pronged approach to securing your WordPress site from hacking attempts using multiple WordPress plugins as well as performing a couple manual steps that ensure the WordPress details exposed to the world are minimal.

Technology Insights

Redmine: Enable Email Notification When File Uploaded To Files For A Specific Redmine Project

Earlier this week I was asked by someone at work if there was a way to have Redmine email them when a file was uploaded to the Files section of a specific Redmine project. At first I wasn’t sure if it was possible but after digging around the Redmine interface I was able to find an easy solution. Follow the directions below to have Redmine send a email notification every time a file is uploaded to a specific project.

Technology Insights

Reset Litespeed Admin Password From Linux Server CLI

I set up Litespeed on a development box a long time ago and forgot what the Litespeed admin password was so I needed to reset it. Luckily there is a handy command line script that will allow you to reset the password with ease. Follow the directions below to reset the Litespeed Web Administration Console username and password.