Technology Insights

Enable the Hidden Administrator Account in Windows 7

There are quite a few articles on how to do this around the internet but I noticed the other day that we did not have one so I decided to make a quick post on how to do this. In previous versions of Windows such as XP all you had to do was press F8 at boot time and the administrator account icon would appear on the log on screen so that administrative tasks could be preformed. This is not the case in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Below I will show how to enable the Administrator account using a elevated command prompt.

Technology Insights

Mount Shared Drives using Active Directory and a Log On Script

I recently completed a job were the company insisted in powering down the work station every night. This caused a problem because there were shared drives on the server which did not reconnect a boot time. The drives would appear to be disconnected with red X’s however when the user clicked on them they would connect. So although they were working the fact that they did not auto connect was annoying.

Technology Errors

Issues Logging Into The Google Voice iPhone Application Called GV Mobile Free

Recently I have been having issues logging in to the iPhone Google Voice application called GV Mobile Free. It appears some of those issues may be resolved by upgrading to the latest version of GV Mobile Free which is 1.22.1. The only problem with that is the fact that I currently cannot find the newest version or any version for that matter in the iTunes store. Currently I have GV Mobile Free version 1.2 installed and the log in issues will pop up a credentials message shown below.