Information Security

Remove GPS Data From iPhone Images On Mac OSX

The past couple of days I have written a couple articles about how to view iPhone image GPS data on a Mac using Photoshop and Preview. Each of these articles included a mini warning at the bottom of the article noting that you should keep the GPS data in mind when uploading images to social media sites, sharing the images, etc. so I figured I should write a quick article showing a method you could use to remove this GPS data before sharing the images either on social media sites, via email, etc. Below there are details of an easy way to remove GPS details from images on Mac OSX.

Technology Insights

Change Windows 7 Default File Save Location

As many people who follow this site may know I recently switched from Linux to Windows 7 as my daily operating system. This morning I saved a file as the default “save” in word instead of “save as” which is what I normally do. I then looked in my users My Documents directory and the file wasn’t there. At this point I was perplexed and a little annoyed so I ran a search for the file and found it in C:/Users/Public/My Documents which is not where I wanted it to go. I am not sure whether this was user error and I just somehow set up my system wrong or if this is the default Windows 7 behavior. Either way I decided to out line how I straightened it out.