Information Security

Reset Metasploit Pro Web Console Password For msf User

Awhile back I installed a version of Metasploit Pro while juggling a couple other tasks and unfortunately I noted the password in an encrypted text document and forgot the location which in itself was a fail. Regardless of the mistake I made luckily Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro make it easy enough to change the msf user web console password without any pain. Use the directions below to modify the msf users login information on your Metasploit Pro or Metasploit Express installation.

Technology Errors

HylaFAX sendfax Error: textfmt: No font metric information found for “Courier-Bold”

Earlier while troubleshooting an issue for a client of mine I ran into an issue when testing HylaFAX’s sendfax via the CLI. The error complained of some font files that appear to have been previously upgraded by someone else on the server which is running a fairly old version of Ubuntu Linux. Anyhow the error along with the quick resolution to the issue are noted below.

Technology Errors

/usr/bin/ruby: No such file or directory

If you attempt to run Ruby and get the above error it is because Ruby is not in your path. This can be caused by numerous reasons such as if you removed Ruby to reinstall it and you were still logged into the same shell. If this is the case you can simply log out and log back in or if you are using bash just type “bash” from the command prompt to reset the shell.