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Install Python 2.4 On Backtrack Linux 5 R3

Some tools in Backtrack Linux version 5 R3 were written for older versions of Python so if you are interested in using some of these tools in can be beneficial to install older versions of Python such as Python 2.4. Below I describe how to easily install Python 2.4 without causing issues with the Python 2.6 that is installed by default on Backtrack Linux 5 R3 or Ubuntu 10.04.

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VNC Fatal server error: could not open default font ‘fixed’

I needed to use some GUI tools recently for testing hard drives in a large RAID group on a CentOS Linux server that I only have remote access to so I decided to install VNC temporarily. The server has never had a GUI installed so I first installed the Gnome Desktop Environment, then installed VNC, configured VNC, and last attempted to start VNC but I received an error. The error was complaining of the default fonts not being in the proper location however the error output was excellent and allowed me to create a quick symlink to resolve the issue. Below I describe the error in more detail followed by the one command resolution.

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Find Out What Applications Are Installed From An RPM Package On Linux

Earlier today I was upgrading some packages on a CentOS Linux server and was curious what applications were actually installed with the coreutils RPM package. I knew that this was one of the main RPM packages that had a ton of various applications installed with it however I was not sure specifically which ones. Below are some examples of how to use RPM to find out exactly what is installed with a specific RPM package.

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How to Change Timezone on Linux

Changing the timezone on Linux is easy. The timezone within Linux is set by a symbolic link located in the /etc directory which needs to be changed to the new timezone. Once this is changed the time needs to be synced to a time server. I recently moved from Las Vegas to Louisville and had not changed a Linux server to the new timezone. Follow the steps below and the new timezone will be set and updated.

  1. Backup Current Timezone: Issue the below command on your server to backup the current timezone information just in case there are issues.

    1. cp -p /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.bak