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Pretty Link Pro Social Network Bar Not Displaying In WordPress Posts

I have been using Pretty Link Pro, which is a WordPress Plugin, for a long time and it has definitely generated a lot of traffic for this site. Recently I noticed that Pretty link was no longer displaying the Social Media bar near the bottom of each post. This “social media” bar displays links to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Technorati, StumbleUpon, etc. and automatically inserts a link back to the post with the idea that if the content is easy for people to share they will do so.

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Use .htaccess To Redirect One Domain To Another Domain

I have been using a WordPress plugin for awhile called Pretty Link Pro which provides a ton of awesome features including a link shortener such as When using the URL shortener you can actually configure Pretty Link Pro to use a different domain which would be a benefit if your URL is long similar to I have been using so instead of providing shortened links such as I can provide links such as which you can see is a lot more user friendly when providing links to others. One thing I wanted to ensure was the fact that Google was not crawling content on the URL which is possible simply by Google finding the shortened links on places like Twitter. Below I describe a .htaccess modification that will redirect any traffic to one URL to another while including any trailing text.

Technology Insights

How to Remove a Contact from Your LinkedIn Connections

Removing a contact from your LinkedIn connections is easy as long as you can find the link. It took me a couple minutes to see it but once I did I wondered how I didn’t see it quicker. Anyhow I wanted to post how to do this to hopefully save someone else a little bit of time. I normally would not care about deleting a contact however a business colleagues friend who requested me as a friend and I accepted continues to send me messages about doing business even though I have politely declined and emails with webinar requests. If you work in the technology field you are very familiar with the type of guy I am talking about that is the pushy sales guy type that typically doesn’t even know anything about technology!

Follow the instructions below to remove a contact from LinkedIn.

  1. Login to LinkedIn:Go to and login.