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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Adobe Photoshop CS4

Typically there will be certain things you use Adobe Photoshop for on a regular basis and you can make your life much easier by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the tasks you perform the most. Follow the directions below to assign a keyboard shortcut to Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In the example below we will assign Ctrl-Alt-b to be a shortcut to add a “Lens Blur” filter to a highlighted portion of an image.

Technology Insights

How to Blur a Portion of an Image with Photoshop

Blurring portions of an image with Photoshop is a snap. The most complicated part is figuring out which blur effect you want to use! There are a ton of choices including Blur, Blur More, Box Blur, Gaussian Blur, Lens Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Shape Blur, Smart Blur, and Surface Blur. My personal favorite for blurring parts of an image is Lens Blur but all of them allow for adjustment as well so you can make the blurring effect more intense or less intense. Click more for images of how to blur a section of your image with Photoshop CS2.