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The pdfid script in Backtrack Linux is a PDF forensics tool that will quickly provide you an overview of a PDF files potential threats and pdfid provides a way to disarm those threats. PDFid is written in Python and is located in /pentest/forensics/pdfid/. The current version of pdfid is 0.0.11 and was released April 28th, 2010. Below we describe the basic functionality of pdfid and also explain some of the PDF terminology that will help those not as familiar with a PDF files structure the ability to find value with the Python script.

Technology Insights

Turn VAIO Gate On, Turn VAIO Gate Off

Yesterday I was working on our landlords computer which was a Sony VAIO and at one point I needed to turn off VAIO Gate which is similar to the Windows Sidebar. Turning off VAIO Gate is fairly easy via the X in the right corner of the VAIO Gate drop down and you can easily set it to not start when Windows starts. I describe both of these items as well as how to start VAIO Gate automatically.