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Dell XPS 1340 Backlit Keyboard Not Working, Backlight On XPS 1340 Keyboard Not On

Awhile back I reinstalled Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 1340 because I wanted to make my computer faster and I definitely accomplished that goal. Couple nights ago I was working in a dark area and noticed that the backlight on the keyboard was not illuminated so I started to wonder if it had ever worked after the upgrade. Below is information on how to enable the backlight on a Dell XPS 1340 laptop.

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The AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined, Please Connect A Dell 90W AC Adapter

Last night I upgraded the BIOS on my Dell Studio XPS 13 from A11 to A14. The BIOS upgrade appeared to work without issue however when the computer rebooted with the new BIOS version I received a boot error and then once I skipped the error I received a popup message within Windows 7 as well. The problem ended up being something really silly which is explained below but I wanted to note in case someone else ran into the same issue.

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Adjust Hybrid SLI Settings Under Power Options on Windows 7

I was working on my new laptop and have been having some crashes. After analyzing some of the dump files I determined that I was having some video driver issues. When I first got the laptop I remember setting the hybrid sli mode to high performance.  After deciding I should probably switch this setting back to the default mode I was not able to find the option to switch it back. I couldn’t remember how I set it in the first place so I did a little googling and it told me there should be a GPU section under the advanced section of power settings.

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Windows XP on Dell D420 Wireless Showing No Wireless Networks In Range

Recently I removed the Intel Pro Wireless Manager from my Dell D420 laptop. When it was removed I had the Radio set to off because I was plugged into my LAN via Ethernet. Once it was removed and I rebooted I was unable to see any wireless networks in the Wireless Network Connection configuration window. In the Wireless Network Connections Window you will see the below message.

Wireless Network Connections Not In Range

There are two different things that could be the issue if you run into this problem. Each of these problems is listed below along with resolutions to each one.