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Gmail Labs Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

This took me awhile to figure out for some reason but once I did I felt pretty on top of my game, not. So after playing around with some of the Google Labs additions to Gmail I figured that it might be cool to check out the Google Labs Custom Keyboard Shortcuts addition to Gmail specifically for the “gl” shortcut that pops open a new window for easy access to your labels. More on the gl shortcut later after I explain the complex fix to my problem (wink wink). After enabling the Keyboard Shortcuts I refreshed Gmail and proceeded to attempt to use the gl shortcut with no luck. I then started to wonder if it was possibly a browser issue or something else. I tried about ten other shortcuts but none of them were working in FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Technology Errors

Google Gmail Account Settings Not Showing up In Internet Explorer

Recently I noticed that my Gmail Settings were no longer showing in Internet Explorer on a Windows XP laptop. I figured from the start that it was related to the way Internet Explorer handles CSS and sure enough that was the cause in some shape or form. Below are two images that show what my Gmail settings look like in Internet Explorer followed by what they should look like in every browser (in the correct example FireFox is used).