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Convert Amazon Web Services Private RSA Key For Use With SecureCRT

When I first was working with an Amazon Web Services instance at EC2 I was getting frustrated trying to use SecureCRT to connect to the AWS instance. When you configure an instance you are required to configure an Amazon EC2 key pair which will allow you to connect to your instances via SSH.  The problem is once you receive the key pair via download it will not work with SecureCRT so you need to convert it to a public key to work. I did a lot of searching and didn’t find much but the below worked for me.

Technology Insights

Send PGP Encrypted Messages with Gmail

The easiest way to send encrypted email with Gmail that I have found is to do so with Firefox and the FireGPG plugin. You can either encrypt the message before typing it into Gmail or you can type the message and then highlight the text and run the FireGPG plugin to encrypt it. Below are a few simple steps that should help encrypt email you are sending through Gmail to someone who has a PGP key.

NOTE:The below steps are if the FireGPG buttons are not showing in Gmail and is a temporary fix until FireGPG is updated and the entire message can be encrypted. I will update this with a link to the new article/howto once FireGPG is updated.