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Change Vandyke’s SecureCRT Stored SSH Passwords On Mac OSX Via OSX Keychain

The SSH passwords for SecureCRT on OSX are stored via the OSX Keychain. It would be nice if you could change these stored SSH passwords via the SecureCRT interface however I was unable to locate a way to do this. Instead you have to open the OSX Keychain and modify the SSH passwords via this interface instead. Below are instructions on modifying a stored SecureCRT SSH password on OSX.

Information Security

How To Set a Root CA to Untrusted on Mac OSX

I decided to make a quick post on how to set a trusted root CA to untrusted in Mac OSX. As some people may or may not know, one of the root CA authorities was recently hacked and several rouge certificates were issued including one with a domain name of Now DigiNotar, which is the company in question, claims that the have revoked all the rouge certificates and all is well. However, me being involved in infosec and security I would rather not take any chances so I decided to set DigiNotar to a “trust never” level on my machine for the time being. Below I will outline the few simple steps to do this for any certificate authority on Mac OSX.