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KeepNote is a great note taking application installed by default in Backtrack Linux. Notes are an important part of security assessments as well as pretty much any technical projects you work on because there is no way to remember everything that happens in hours of working on a project unless you have good notes. KeepNote provides the ability to create multiple notebooks, directories under those notebooks, and associate actual notes to any level of directories underneath the primary notebook.

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Configure KeepNote Helper Applications In Backtrack Linux

I use KeepNote for taking notes in Backtrack. It is important to document progress on projects or simple notes about file locations, specific command switches, or other information that could get lost in the shuffle during a work session. KeepNote provides the functionality necessary to organize notes and search note content as necessary. On Backtrack it is beneficial to configure KeepNote’s Spell Check as well as KeepNote Helper Applications so you can benefit from the full potential of KeepNote. Below we describe some errors you may see when attempting to use certain KeepNote functionality and how to resolve them.

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Backup KeepNote Script For Backtrack Linux

I take a lot of notes when I am either working on projects or researching so in Backtrack Linux I use KeepNote to accomplish this. KeepNote is a great little note application that provides notebook and tab functionality which pretty much covers what I need to do. One thing KeepNote doesn’t offer right out of the box is an easy way to backup notes from the command line so I took another backup shell script and converted it to backup KeepNote notes on Backtrack.

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Echo Cron To Syslog

When creating cron tasks on Linux many people do not realize that the output from the cron will logged and without redirection will sent to the user running the cron task’s email. In many cases this is the root user or if an alias has been set in /etc/aliases then the email will be sent to the user configured to receive roots email in the aliases file. Specifically on Backtrack Linux the root users email is redirected to bt5 by default and that user does not exist so the email will simply bounce. Below we describe a better way to redirect the cron tasks output into a log file which could be useful down the road.

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Enable Spellcheck For KeepNote On Backtrack 5 R3

I take a lot of notes when working no matter if it is learning new stuff or working on projects for my job I have found that great note taking can save you lots of time down the road. The note taking application installed with Backtrack Linux is called KeepNote and provides the all of the functionality that I typically need when taking notes such as folders for organization, easy way(s) to backup notes, tabs, and all the other basics. One thing that does not work out of the box for KeepNote on Backtrack 5 R3 is Spellcheck which I use regularly to make sure my slang has not found itself into the notes I am sharing with others. Below we outline a quick way to enable spellcheck in KeepNote 0.7.7 on Backtrack 5 release 3.