Technology Insights

Stop Receiving Text Messages From Barrack Obamas Campaign, Text Messages From 62262

At one point during the election in 2008 I signed up for text messages from Barrack Obama’s campaign. After the election I completely forgot about signing up for the text messages and didn’t receive any for almost a year after Obama was elected. Anyhow at one point I all of the sudden started receiving text messages again and honestly just didn’t want to receive them anymore. At times they came early in the morning or late at night and it just became annoying. Below is information on how to stop receiving the text messages from 62262 which is Barrack Obama’s short code.

Information Security

Hashcat-gui: Save Charset Groups As Jobs To Crack Future Hashes

Recently I have started using Hashcat-gui a lot more to test the strength of various passwords for certain clients. One of the things I wasn’t sure of at first was how to save charsets in the Bruteforce Settings window and while it would be nice if you could have a text file that included various charsets you could select from the drop down menu it is also easy to save your preferred charsets as Hashcat Jobs. Below is information on how to save charsets as Hashcat Jobs as well as recommended charsets you might want to save.

Technology Insights

Ruby Interactive Shell: Clear All Variables That Have Been Set In IRB Session

The Interactive Ruby Shell, or IRB, doesn’t have a way to clear all variables that I am aware of besides quitting irb and then restarting irb however you can simulate this by invoking subirbs. Subirbs are jobs underneath the main irb session that will allow you to work within irb on different code at the same time without having to stop irb and restart it. So you can load certain gems from the main irb session and not be required to reload them for each subirb. Below are some examples of how subirbs or irb jobs are used.