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How To Right Click With iRdesktop The iPhone Remote Desktop iPhone Application

Today I had to use iRdesktop on my iPhone to perform some tasks on a Windows 7 computer at my house via a Remote Desktop Connection. The iRdesktop application allows you to make connections to Windows Remote Desktop on your iPhone or iPod Touch. While performing my tasks I needed to right click a file and wasn’t exactly sure how to do it with iRdesktop. After some playing around with the application I figured out how to right click from within the iRdesktop application. Below there is more information on how to right-click using iRdesktop on your Apple iDevice.

Technology Insights

iPhone 4, iOS4: iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode Even When No Headphones Present

Today I got some condensation on my iPhone 4 and immediately afterwards it appeared that the phone was not working properly. Finally I figured out that the issue was simply that the phone thought that headphones were plugged into it when in fact there were no headphones plugged in. This caused numerous issues including the touch screen sounds to not be heard, me to not hear when people called me though they could hear me, the iPod to not play through the speakers, and any other sounds that you would hear directly through the iPhone speakers. After tooling around with the headphone jack I was able to get this working properly again as explained below.

Technology Insights

Sync iPhone Using Bluetooth With Windows 7 Computer

I recently purchased a Windows 7 laptop and I wanted to see what Bluetooth synchronization capabilities were for an iPhone and Windows 7. Synchronizing your iPhone with Windows 7 will allow you to easily synchronize Contacts, Calendar items, E-mail, and Notes as well as play music from your iPhone directly through your Windows 7 computer speakers. Synchronizing between Windows 7 and your iPhone is easy to do though you should always make sure to disable Bluetooth when you are not using it for security reasons. If you don’t want to disable Bluetooth every time after you connect your iPhone at least make sure that neither device is discoverable after configuration is complete. Follow the directions below to synchronize your iPhone with your Windows 7 computer using Bluetooth.

Technology Errors

iTunes Error 0xE8008001: Installing Unsigned Apps On Cydia Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch you may come across custom applications that you would like to install via iTunes so all of your applications are still managed in one place. I originally thought that I would just be able to drag the applications directly into iTunes, sync my iPod Touch with iTunes, and begin using my new application. I believe this used to be the case before iPhone OS 3.0 was released which is the version of firmware installed on my Touch. Anyhow I attempted to proceed by following the below steps and ran into an error also noted below.