Technology Insights

Sync A iPhone Via Bluetooth With Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect

After setting the time in my sisters Jeep Cherokee I decided I should also connect her iPhone to the Uconnect system via Bluetooth. The Uconnect system will allow you to receive calls, dial calls, etc. verbally in your car so you  don’t have to look a t your cell phone while dialing. The Uconnect system i activated by pressing the button below the rear view mirror in your Jeep Grand Cherokee and I assume that in most cases the button location is similar for other vehicles. Below are two images including a close up of the Uconnect button located to the far left of the buttons below the rear view mirror and a picture of the entire rear view mirror so you get an idea of the buttons location.

Technology Errors

iPhone WordPress App Error: XML-RPC Services Are Disabled On This Blog

I recently downloaded and installed the WordPress iPhone application for an easier way to manage blogs from my iPhone. The application provides a really nice interface to manage WordPress blog comments, posts, and pages. The first blog I configured without issue however the second blog would not let me connect providing an error stating XML-RPC services were disabled on the WordPress blog. This is a really easy error to resolve and the details are posted in the error message that appears on your iPhone. Below are instructions and images related to correcting the error message displayed.

Technology Errors

iTunes Error 0xE8008001: Installing Unsigned Apps On Cydia Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch you may come across custom applications that you would like to install via iTunes so all of your applications are still managed in one place. I originally thought that I would just be able to drag the applications directly into iTunes, sync my iPod Touch with iTunes, and begin using my new application. I believe this used to be the case before iPhone OS 3.0 was released which is the version of firmware installed on my Touch. Anyhow I attempted to proceed by following the below steps and ran into an error also noted below.