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When You Sync the iPod Touch Or iPhone Where Are The Backups Stored

By default when you  connect your iPhone or Touch to your Windows PC the device will sync with your iTunes. The sync not only synchronizes certain data as described below but it also does a backup of data stored on the iDevice as well. This backup will allow you to restore most items back to your iPhone or iPod Touch if something happens to the data located on that device. Knowing the location of this data can be important in case you want to also take that data and make another backup off of your computer.

iPhone/iPod Touch Default Backup Locations:

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Play a Video From iPod Touch or iPhone on Your Computer

Playing a video that is located on your iPod Touch or your iPhone on your computer is easy. The great thing about this is you can download many podcasts or other media programs in high definition so if you have a large monitor or your PC is connected to your TV you can now easily play media from your iPhone or Touch on your TV. The main problem I had in making all of this happen is the fact that I typically sync my iPod Touch to my laptop but I have a PC in my office that is connected to my TV where I like to watch some of the podcasts I have downloaded. Below I mention how play media from your iDevice on your computer as well as how to load data from multiple computers onto your iPod Touch or iPhone.

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SplashID: Unable to Sync Because iPhone Shows No Desktop found…

I decided to finally make the jump to some sort of information manager after a talk I had with someone at work today. When working for so many companies , managing so many devices, and being a member of so many web communities it is almost impossible to remember login information, IP information, and random other notes about every installation, web site, etc. I started looking for a solution where I could at least store devices, I could access this information from anywhere (at least on my Touch), and it was secure. I was pleasantly surprised by SplashID which will allow you to store all sorts of information in all sorts of ways. The best part is that when it boils down to it this information is going to be more secure in a solution like SplashID, which uses encryption that tops banks, versus being spread through out various notepads, documents, emails, and other places on numerous computers and possibly even on paper.

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How to Print Files, Emails, Images, Contacts, and Web Pages From Your iPhone or Touch

You can easily print files from your iPhone or iPod Touch using an application called “Print & Share” or an application called “Print – Printing for Contacts, Web Pages, Photos, and More” both of which are developed by the same company, EuroSmartz, Ltd. There are some differences between the applications so if you need limited features, which I will explain below, then you should purchase the less expensive application.

Here is a breakdown of the applications and the differences between them.