Technology Insights

Install iPhone RedLaser UPC Bar Code Scanner Via iTunes App Store

Over the past couple months there have been numerous UPC bar code scanners available for install on your iPhone via the iTunes app store all of which seem to not function so well. Recently I noticed a UPC bar code scanner titled Red Laser that blows all of the competition out of the water and functions really well.

The UPC bar code scanner applications for the iPhone all have the same similar features which include launching the application, clicking the scan UPC code button, focusing with the camera on a UPC bar code, waiting for it to register, and then viewing results. The results of the various applications differs however many use Google Products or Amazon to provide pricing of the product you have scanned the UPC bar code on.

Technology Insights

Import And Track All Of Your Xbox Live Friends On Your iPhone With 1337pwn

Tracking the online status off your Xbox Live friends is easy on your iPhone or iPod Touch using 1337pwn. This application will allow you to not only see the online status of your Xbox Live friends but you can also view their avatars, games played, gamer points broken down by game, and easily send messages to your friends (opens a Safari browser window). Below are a couple images of the application in action to give you an idea of how user friendly it is.

Technology Errors

ATT iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working After iPhone 3.1 Firmware Upgrade

After upgrading my iPhone to firmware version 3.1 my Visual Voicemail stopped working. Initially I wasn’t sure what the issue was but I was not receiving voicemail via the iPhone. I did finally find out that I could retrieve the voicemail by holding the 1 key which will then dial voicemail and let you retrieve your voicemail. If you are able to retrieve your voicemail by holding the 1 key but the voicemails are not showing up in the iPhone voicemail interface then there is an issue with what ATT calls Visual Voicemail.

Technology Insights

Reset Your iPhone to Factory Default Settings or Reset iPhone Network Settings

We wrote an article recently about restoring your iPhone to the original settings by restoring the firmware on the iPhone and then backing up your settings. Sometimes simply resetting the iPhone settings will resolve conflicts or functionality you may have lost because of a setting that was changed. There may also be cases where you need to reset the iPhone network settings which can be completed from the same location. Follow the directions below to factory default the settings on your iPhone or to factory default the network settings only.