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Safe Web Browsing with Sandboxie

It seems like, recently, there have been a whole lot of Internet Explorer vulnerabilities in the wild and even more virus’s running rampant on the internet. After having removed quite a few this week I decided to do a short write up on a tool I use quite often when working with, and trying too analyze malware. The tool is called Sandboxie.

Technology Insights

Google Chrome Extension IE Tab To Open Web Pages With Internet Explorer In Chrome Tabs

After switching from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my new laptop I also changed my primary browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. I have been really happy with the results as Chrome is really lightweight and runs very smoothly. One thing I was initially not happy with was the fact that I used Google Toolbar all the time with Internet Explorer and it was not available for Chrome. I then spent some time researching all of the Chrome extensions I would need to install to simulate everything that I was able to do with the Google Toolbar installed in Internet Explorer.

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Unable To Remove AVG 8.5 From Windows Computer: Error Avg9DetectedDlg

A client computer recently had an issue launching Internet Explorer. Every time that you would click on Internet Explorer or Firefox the browser would attempt to launch and then immediately close. I finally decided to try and update AVG Antivirus and Antispyware but the update failed. At this point I was pretty sure that AVG was the issue so I attempted to uninstall AVG which also failed. Below I describe more information about the AVG uninstallĀ error and how to remove AVG 8.5 from a Windows computer.

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Upgrade The Firmware On Your SlingBox From Using Your Browser

I recently brushed the dust off of my SlingBox so I could set it up and allow my Dad could watch some local Basketball games. One thing that had not been done in a long time was to upgrade the firmware so after I got it working that was the first thing I checked. To my suprise the way to upgrade the firmware has gotten a lot easier than it used to be if I remember correctly. Follow the directions below to upgrade your SlingBox’s firmware using your Internet Explorer browser via

Technology Errors

Uninstall Ask.Com Toolbar Issue: All Internet Explorer Browser Windows Should Be Closed

A friend of mine has a computer shop and earlier today I was looking at a laptop with him that had a bunch of issues including three different toolbars being installed in Internet Explorer. Having this many toolbars installed will only slow things down. I recommend having one toolbar at most installed and personally I prefer the Google Toolbar because I use so many different Google applications and Google won’t attempt to display a bunch of unwanted data in the top of your Internet Explorer browser window.