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Emachine T2862 Realtek LAN Driver Does not Work

I had a emachine T2862 in the shop today which needed a XP reinstall. The owner didn’t have the disks so I had to use a generic disc to install XP. This means that I have to go out on the net and find all the drivers for the box. This is generally fairly painless since most major PC manufacturers have fairly good driver download sites. This is not always the case though. In this situation I went to the Emachine website and grabbed the drivers for the correct model and all of them worked except for one. The LAN driver didn’t install and gave a error saying the device did not exist.

Technology Insights

Sony VGN-TZ180N: Display Not Filling Entire Screen In Windows XP, Resolution Max Is 1024×768

A client recently had me reinstall Windows XP on their Sony Vaio VGN-TZ180N laptop. There were lots of driver issues after installing Windows XP Professional that were mostly resolved by downloading various drivers from Sony’s support site for the laptop. One that caused me a bunch of problems because I assumed it was related to reinstalling the operating system was the display driver. Once I finally figured out what the issue was it was really easy to resolve but again locating the problem was hard to do. Below I describe the drivers to install and how to resolve the issue of the display only filling about half the width of the laptop screen.

Technology Insights

Windows XP on Dell D420 Wireless Showing No Wireless Networks In Range

Recently I removed the Intel Pro Wireless Manager from my Dell D420 laptop. When it was removed I had the Radio set to off because I was plugged into my LAN via Ethernet. Once it was removed and I rebooted I was unable to see any wireless networks in the Wireless Network Connection configuration window. In the Wireless Network Connections Window you will see the below message.

Wireless Network Connections Not In Range

There are two different things that could be the issue if you run into this problem. Each of these problems is listed below along with resolutions to each one.