Technology Insights

Deleted PC Health Folder and Now Msconfig is Broken

Even the best of us mess up and today I made a epic blunder on a customers computer. I did manage to fix the issue so I will document it quickly so that if any one else makes the same mistake they may not have to go through what I did to get it fixed. So I had a badly infected laptop with a host of programs which wouldn’t uninstall. Some of the classic registry-tune and health-optimize programs were installed and I had to remove them. To be perfectly honest I was working on many things at once and so in my distraction I saw a folder/program called PC Health. Sounds like another one of those annoying virus ridden fix up programs so I proceeded to force delete it along with all traces from the registry.

Technology Insights

Gem Update Rubygems-Update Not Updating The Gem Command

Earlier when attempting to install the request-log-analyzer gem on a CentOS Linux server I ran into some issues. I noticed that on one server I was able to install the request-log-analyzer gem without issue but on another server running the same version of CentOS and Ruby as the first server the attempt to install request-log-analyzer returned an error. The error was that the gem required a newer version of another gem.

Technology Insights

Install html5lib And markdown2 Python Packages On CentOS Linux

I needed to install some python related packages for a project I was testing out. The particular project required html5lib and markdown2 to be installed using the easy_install command. First make sure that you have the python-setuptools packages installed so you can use the easy_install command. If you do not have this package installed you can follow the directions here to get easy_install working. Once the easy_install command is working properly run the commands below to install html5lib and markdown2.

Technology Insights

Error installing memprof: checking for gelf_getshdr() in -lelf… no

I received the below error when attempting to install the memprof gem on a CentOS Linux server. The errors pointed out below could occur when attempting to install other packages as well though. Below I display a summary of the error output, the entire error output, and information on what to install to resolve the error. I noticed that on one server where the memprof gem installed without issue the gelf.h file was in the /usr/include/ directory however are the server that produced the error gelf.h was not installed.

Technology Errors

Linux -bash: which: command not found

Typically the “which” command is installed by default though depending on what Linux distribution and what packages you decided to install there is a possibility the command is not installed. Installing which is easy on any distribution as the package is literally just called “which”. Below is a brief explanation of the error you could get if which is not installed and information on how to install the which package using the yum package manager on CentOS.