Technology Insights

Ubuntu 12.04 View Package Version

While working to verify some packages in Ubuntu 12.04 had backport patches installed properly I needed to list installed package versions. To do this you can install a package called apt-show-versions which will allow you to list all installed packages and their versions with ease. This likely works on most Ubuntu versions but was tested on Ubuntu 12.04 also know as Precise PangolinĀ and Ubuntu 12.10 also known as Quantal Quetzal. Follow the instructions below to install apt-show-versions and then list all installed packages and their versions.

Technology Insights

SVN Mountain Lion

I needed to use SVN on a new installation of Mountain Lion OSX on my Macbook Pro and initially assumed it would be there because I already had Xcode installed however it was not or was not located in my path. After playing around in the Xcode interface for a moment I located the Command Line Tools package available for download which ended up installing svn on the command line. Below I describe how to verify if SVN is installed on OSX and explain how to install it if it does not already exist.

Technology Insights

I Wasn’t Able To Locate File For The us.hackulo.appsync40plus Package

The guy at the corner store near my house is always having me do some form of hack on his iPhone or some other random technical project so the other day when I went in to get a pack of smokes it was no surprise that he was asking me about how to upgrade Installous on his iPhone 4. He had Installous version 4 installed but I believe that Installous version 4.1.1 had been released and that is what he wanted to upgrade to. Easy enough however when I attempted to upgrade the package via Cydia it errored out. Below I describe how to get the new Installous installed.

Information Security

Installing Virtual Box on Backtrack 4 R2

Lately I have had a lot of requests on how to install Sun’s Virtual Box on Backtrack 4. Virtual Box is a virtual environment similar to Vmware but it is free. Virtual Box will allow you to run other operating systems on your host. This can be useful for security because you will not harm any one or any thing will practicing.
It should be noted that adding third party repositories to any distribution can cause problems. That being said, many of us have downloaded and installed Virtual box using this method with out any problems.

Below I will outline the few simple steps to install Virtual Box