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Cent OS: How to Make a Custom SSH Banner with Current System Statistics

This is one of those things I just wanted to do because I thought it would be cool. I woke up this morning at 4:00 AM for no apparent reason, and could not get back to sleep. I started fiddling around with some work servers when the idea hit me that me and Alex needed a cool ssh banner for the tools server. This is probably the lamest article ever but I may want to do this again someday so I decided to document it.

Technology Insights

Use yum to Get More Information About a Package on Linux

You can use yum to gain more information about a package by using the below command.


  1. yum info <em>package_name</em>

Using the “info” option will provide details about the package including what version is installed, what versions are available, the yum repo it is available from, the size of the installed package, the size of the new package, the version, the release, a summary about the package, and a detailed description of the package. An example using postgresql-server is below.