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Many people still seem to not be aware of EXIF data and the information it provides anyone that wants to view it. EXIF data is attached to image files as well as other files and provides all sorts of details from file creation time to exact GPS coordinates. This is the type of data that was extracted from an image uploaded by Vice Magazine that gave away John McAfee’s location when he escaped Belize. On Backtrack Linux there are numerous tools to extract EXIF data including exiftool which is written in Perl and easy to use. Below we will describe exiftool, which is located in /pentest/misc/exiftool/ or /usr/bin, and provide examples to show how easy it is to use.

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Automatically Delete Imported Images From iPhone To A Mac Running OSX using Image Capture’s AutoImporter

I have a specific way I like to configure how my iPhone interacts with the computer I am using such as when I take pictures on my iPhone I like for those pictures to be imported automatically to the computer when the iPhone is plugged in via USB and after the images are imported I want them to be deleted from the iPhone until I organize them to be synced back to the iPhone at a later time. I also don’t want an application to open and stay open on the computer as I prefer that the import process happens in the background without having to close the application used to import the images. This was a bit of a pain to configure on my new Macbook as the application used to accomplish my goal is a bit hidden and doesn’t like to stay running for any amount of time. Use the information below to sync images form your iPhone to your Mac computer running OSX and for the images to be purged from the iPhone once they have been imported.

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Vivitar ViviCam X029 Card Full, Memory Full Insert A SD Memory Card To Transfer Photos

One of the hair stylist from barber shop a couple doors down from our computer shop came in today with a problem on her Vivitar X029 digital camera she got for Christmas. The 2GB SD memory card she was using was not working properly in the camera and she also let me know that this was already a new SD card because he first SD card she used had the exact same problem. Below is information about the problem itself and the steps used to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

Canfield Imaging Systems Mirror Software: License Server Error – err: 81F4000F

A medical research company that is a client of mine asked if I would come by to install some software for them the other day. The software was supposed to be an addition to Canfield Imaging Systems VISIA software package called Mirror. The Mirror software was going to provide my client a way to manage the images created from within VISIA in a much more efficient and standard way. Currently they are able to export images either one at a time or as a bundle in a non standard file format which makes them fairly useless unless you are importing into another VISIA system. Anyhow during the software install I was unable to launch Mirror after the initial install because of a licensing server issue which I describe below along with how I was able to resolve the problem short term and what needs to happen long term to make the two software packages interact together.

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Modify WordPress Plugin Shashin Default Thumbnail Size

I have been using the Shashin WordPress plugin for awhile now to display my Google Picasa image galleries. This plugin basically generates pages on your site that embed the images from your Picasa image galleries. So far I have been really satisfied with the plugin and tried numerous other Picasa plugins before settling on this one. One thing I needed to change because of the layout of my site was the default size for the album thumbnails which is 160 pixels. Below I describe how to modify this size so you can display more albums in a smaller amount of space.