Technology Insights

Linux Create Fake Ethernet Interface

There could be numerous reasons to create a fake Ethernet interface on a Linux server though I have heard that people might do so to get around licensing of software that is tied to the MAC address of a specific Ethernet port. You really just enable a dummy Ethernet interface and assign the MAC address to it which is explain in more detail below. The easiest way to do this is to simply assign a MAC address to an Ethernet interface you are not using on your server where the drivers have already been installed automatically. If you do not have a spare Ethernet interface then the instructions below will assist you to accomplish your goal.

Technology Insights

List Of Ubuntu snort debconf Variables

I find myself on a regular basis looking for various debconf variables to set before installing packages on Ubuntu. This is typically to not have to type in the answers on the various configuration screens or because I want to script an install of some package. If the package has never been installed before on that specific server then the debconf variables will not display. You can always login to another server where the package is installed to see the variables but I am going to start posting information for common packages here so others can easily find them when searching.

Information Security

How To See If PPTP Clients Are Connected To pfSense Firewall

Earlier I wanted to see if any PPTP clients were connected to an internal network through a pfSense firewall but wasn’t sure best way to do it. Turns out that outside of the pfSense command line I am not sure there is a best way so below I describe how to check for PPTP connected clients via the pfSense CLI as we as numerous way to check for connected clients via the pfSense web interface.