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Easy Management of Nagios Configuration Files with Web Based GUI Monarch

Nagios is a great solution for monitoring hosts, networks, and services on one or more networks. Nagios will monitor as many services as needed per device and then will send an alarm if one or more services has an issue. By default Nagios monitors a bunch of services such as ICMP, HTTP, etc. but can easily be expanded by theĀ use of plugins and other community based open source development projects where code is developed for a specific need and then shared with the development community.

Technology Insights

Internet Explorer Tools

Normally when debugging problems with web applications, I try to use Firefox. However, every once in awhile there is a web application that is very Internet Explorer specific and will not work in Firefox at all.

To that end, here is a list of nice tools and add-ins for Internet Explorer.

Technology Insights

How To Tell If httperf Is Using SSL

I had created a script to run ask for a couple CLI arguements and then run httperf against a server. The goal was to load test a server for HTTP and for HTTPS. I added the –ssl switch but could not verify a couple things including if httperf had been compiled with SSL support or if the –ssl was working at all.

1. Was httperf installed with SSL support?
This is an easy one. If the –ssl option exists then your httperf was compiled with SSL support. I wasn’t sure since I installed httperf via YUM in CentOS. I also tested by compiling myself and both versions had SSL support. If you do compile yourself you can check compile-dir/config.status and see if SSL support compiled properly.