Technology Insights

Use Microsoft Excel to Populate Cells on a Second Worksheet in the Same Workbook

If you have an Microsoft Excel workbook with multiple worksheets that contain similar type data it may save you a lot of time to auto populate the other worksheets with the similar data. In my scenario I had a form used to obtain information about customers which needed to be in a certain format but then I had two other forms that had some of the same data that needed to be provided to other departments. So the initial process was to fill out each individual form by hand and send to the proper department. To save time I wanted to auto populate as many like fields as possible.

The resolution ended up being really simple. First I just added the other forms to the workbook of the primary form. This ensured that when I opened up the form to enter customer data that the other two forms were open with t. Once I had added the worksheets and named each one properly I started messing around with formulas to complete the task of copying one cell from the primary worksheet to cells on the second and third worksheets in this workbook.

Technology Insights

GoogleDocs Spreadsheet: Add 1 to a String That Includes Letters, for Sequential Serial Numbers

GoogleDocs is awesome. There is nothing better than storing all of your spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations in an online secure location. Not only that but you can open and edit from any PC in the world at any time without having to worry about access, etc.

Today I was creating a spreadsheet on GoogleDocs to list account numbers and serial numbers that were sequential though they also contained letters. An example of the set of numbers I was trying to enter quickly is listed below.