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Google Docs Spreadsheet: Have One Row Always Display At The Top Of The Spreadsheet

Earlier tonight I was working on a spreadsheet with thousands of rows and over a dozen columns so I kept forgetting which column was which when working down inside the spreadsheet. I knew there was a way to have a a single row or multiple rows always display at the top of the spreadsheet but was not sure exactly how and I was unable to find the option in the Google Docs Spreadsheet drop downs. I finally figured out how to have a set number of rows always display at the top of a Google Spreadsheet and have shared the information below.

Technology Errors

Google Spreadsheets: You can’t access this spreadsheet because it is in violation of our Terms of service

About 30 minutes ago we started having trouble accessing Google Spreadsheets that were located on Google Docs. The error displayed stated that the issue was related to something in the spreadsheet violating the Google Terms of Service but the same content has been in the document for some time. Below is an image of what the error from Google states when attempting to access the document.

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Google Docs: Add Background Color To Every Other Row On a Google Spreadsheet

Google Docs is a great tool for storing spreadsheets and other documents because it provides an centralized storage space for all of your documents which can be shared with users and accessed from any where that has an Internet connection. One thing that can be really helpful when creating a Google Spreadsheet is having a unified format to the entire document. A format that can assist in making the data in the spreadsheet easier to read is alternating colors for every row. This way if you have lots of columns per row you can easily see which data belongs to each row. The directions below explain how to set up formatting for two rows and then apply that formatting to the rest of the Google spreadsheet.

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Install Google Mobile App on Your BlackBerry Cell Phone

Google has an application called the Google Mobile App which can easily be installed on your BlackBerry cell phone. I currently have a BlackBerry 8320 Curve from T-Mobile. This application is a launchpad for numerous Google application including Google Notebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Picassa Web Albums, and Google Sync. To install Google Mobile App on your BlackBerry cell phone follow the directions below.

Install Google Mobile App: