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Download And Record Live Video Feeds Or On Demand

I was asked earlier to view and record a presentation being given on I figured this can’t be to hard I will just use a FireFox plugin and pull the video somehow but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it with a FireFox plugin. I finally settled on using some freeware classified as screen video capture software. This software allows you to zoom in on a specified size of the screen and capture sound, video, or both and save to an AVI file. Below are directions on how to set up and record video streams from for free.

Technology Insights

Windows Vista Free Video to Screen Saver Converter, Convert WMV, AVI, MP4 to Vista Screensavers

I had some of the Microsoft Vista Dream Scenes that I wanted to convert to screen savers but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do this in Windows Vista without installing a third party application. I went through a lot of shareware applications that were trying to suck me in to spend money and finally found Video2ScreenSaver which was completely free and works perfect. Below I describe where to download Video2ScreenSaver and how to use it.

First off I was able to get videos working in Windows Vista Ultimate by creating a folder, adding the video I wanted to show as a screen saver, and then pointing the Photos screen saver to that folder. If you decide to do this then make sure to select “Pan and Zoom” under “Use this Theme”. The issue with doing this though is the transition to restart the movie. It fades out for a second and then back to the start of the movie. I wanted a way for the video to loop without knowing it was repeating and that is what I accomplished using the method below.

Technology Insights

Favorite Free FTP Client And Server For Windows – FileZilla

I recently discovered the application FileZilla for my Windows XP laptop. This is by far my favorite FTP client that I have ever used on Windows including the pay for applications I have used in the past. A long time ago my preference was CuteFTP, followed by WS_FTP, and then FlashFXP. Typically I am using Linux and SCP to transfer files between machines but from time to time I transfer files back and forth with various friends using FTP or I get caught troubleshooting an FTP problem for one of my clients. So anyhow I haven’t looked for a new application for a long time and decided I would look around to see what was out there. I was pleasantly surprised to run across FileZilla which not only has a cool client it has a very nice Windows FTP Server as well.