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Covert a Image to Vector Graphics Format for Free

I had one of my clients call me today and say he wanted to make some T-shirts with his logo picture, that I was using on his website. I said OK and sent him the .jpeg file. He called me back twenty minutes later and said his T-shirt guy wanted the image in a vector graphics format. Now I am not sure why the T-shirt guy wouldn’t have the software to convert it however thats not my problem. In any case I always like to try to find free software to complete tasks like this. I have used a program called Inkscape in Linux many times but I had no idea what to do in Windows. Fortunately, there is a version of Inkscape for windows.

Technology Insights

Search Term Suggestions & Statistics: Alternatives To The Overture Keyword Selector Tool

A long time ago I used to use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool to review keywords I was running ads for. The Overture Keyword Selector would allow you to type in a keyword or group of keywords to see how many times that keyword(s) or like keywords had been searched in a specific time period. This can be useful not only for ads that you may be running but it can also be useful for content in articles that you write. The more you use keywords that are popular the more traffic you can generate. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool is no longer available so below are two alternatives that provide a similar service.

Technology Errors

Windows: File Is To Big To Be Opened By NotePad++, Use Wordpad As Alternative

In the process of troubleshooting a problem with mysqldump I was viewing MySQL backups using Notepad++. I typically view and edit large files using Linux with vi however in this scenario it was more convenient to view the files quickly from a Windows laptop using Notepad++. The first couple of backups were between 50MB and 100MB and while they were a bit slow to open with Notepad++ they did open without further issue and provided an easy method to search through the files.

Eventually I backed up a database file that ended up being 195MB of pure SQL such as mydatabase.sql. When attempting to open this file with Notepad++ I received the below error.

Technology Insights

Set Up a SPA-2000 With Gizmo5 and Google Voice for Free VoIP Service

Recently Gizmo5 added the ability to configure your Google Voice account within the Gizmo5 interface which allows for you to configure any SIP device (soft or hardware) to have free voice. I happened to have a SPA-2000 around so the below describes how to configure a Sipura SPA-2000 using Gizmo5 and a Google Voice account for free voice. For this howto you will need a SPA-2000, a account, and a Google Voice account.