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Download Youtube Videos Using Firefox Add-On Called 1-Click Youtube Video Download

Someone at work asked me today if I could download a Youtube video for them so they could burn it to DVD for some project. I remembered being able to do this with a Firefox plugin but had forgotten which plugin I previously used. After a quick search I came up with the 1-Click Youtube Video Download Firefox plugin which made the task really easy. Follow the directions below to download Youtube videos.

Technology Insights

Download Flash Movies, .FLV, from Any Web Site Using FireFox

Downloading Flash movies from any web site is easy using FireFox with the FlashGot plugin. Once installed you will be able to download any Flash movie with ease and then once downloaded use any number of applications to convert to whatever format you want. To accomplish downloading a Flash movie and converting to .mp4 format follow the directions below.

  1. Install FlashGot Add-On: First open FireFox and visit this URLfor the FlashGot add-on. Click the “Add To FireFox” green button located in the middle of the page. A new window will open that ticks away a couple of seconds and then allows you to click an “Install Now” button. Click that button at which time you will be required to “Restart FireFox”.