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How To Troubleshoot Or Verify WordPress Google Analyticator Plugin Functionality

One of my favorite plugins for WordPress is the Google Analyticator plugin that provides an easy way for you to interface your WordPress site with Google Analytics. There have been a couple times after upgrades that I wanted to verify that Google Analyticator was functioning properly and wasn’t exactly sure of the best method. After a couple emails back and forth with the developer he shared how he suggests to troubleshoot it and verify it is functioning properly. So thanks to Ronald Heft for providing not only the plugin but also for taking the time to share some extra information with me. Follow the directions below to verify the Google Analyticator plugin using the Firefox addon Firebug.

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ZenCart Ecommerce Store: Web Page Redirect Loop Error, CEON advshipper

During verifying some upgrades I had made to a ZenCart store I ran into some issues during checkout with a couple accounts. The issue was that my browser would get caught in a redirect loop after I added contents to my shopping cart and then attempted to checkout. At first I thought the issue may be with the checkout_process.php file as it was one of the files I had upgraded recently though after a more troubleshooting I determined this was not the case. 

ZenCart Checkout: Browser Redirect Loop Error

Locating the Issue:

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My Firefox Add-ons

I’ve been using Firefox add-ons for years now and now dwindled down to the ones I used most often: ColorZilla (grab color from any web site) Ctrl-Tab (thumbnails of all open tabs – kinda slow when you have a bunch of tabs open) Drag & (very convenient file sharing) Firebug (makes CSS infinitely easier…