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Photoshop Move Bridge Button And Remove Bridge Reference From Photoshop Menu

I would prefer to remove Adobe Bridge from my machine all together but I haven’t found a solid way to accomplish that task yet so I settled for moving the Bridge button that was in the top left corner and removing the reference to Bridge in the File menu. My issue was that many times I would accidentally click on the Adobe Bridge button and have to wait until Bridge fully launched and then close it before I could continue. Use the information below to accomplish minimizing the impact of Bridge on your Photoshop use.

Technology Insights

Windows Vista: Apply Folder View Options To All Folders On The Computer

I personally like my folders to display contents the same across all folders on the PC. Windows Vista by default displays folder contents with large icons but to me it seems much easier to navigate if you use the folder view where it displays small icons with details about each item. Below are instructions on how to modify the folder view options and then apply that view to all the folders on your computer.

The default folder view will look something similar to the below.

Vista: Default Folder View