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You Can’t Open The Application LaCie Setup Because PowerPC Applications Are No Longer Supported

Leave it up to LaCie to sell you a brand new Rikiki external hard drive only to let you down before you have ever used it. Luckily it wasn’t a big deal to fix at all however I could see someone like my Mom being really frustrated and not know what to do since when you plugin the Rikiki external hard drive it auto launches an application that doesn’t work. I can’t image that a bunch of people have just taken the thing back saying it does not work. Anyhow below I describe a little bit more about the error that pops up and then describe how to easily resolve the problem without having to jump through any hoops.

Technology Errors

Vivitar ViviCam X029 Card Full, Memory Full Insert A SD Memory Card To Transfer Photos

One of the hair stylist from barber shop a couple doors down from our computer shop came in today with a problem on her Vivitar X029 digital camera she got for Christmas. The 2GB SD memory card she was using was not working properly in the camera and she also let me know that this was already a new SD card because he first SD card she used had the exact same problem. Below is information about the problem itself and the steps used to resolve the problem.

Technology Insights

How to Create a Hirens Boot CD Usb Thumb Drive

Occasionally I get a PC in my shop which has a broken or non working cd drive. One of the mail tools I use is a disk called Hirens Boot CD. Yes I know its considered Warez however it is by far the best collection of tools for a PC tech around so I use it all the time.  I will leave finding the actual disc up to you however once you have it you may want to create a USB drive with Hirens for situations when you dont have your cd or the cd option is unavailable.