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Cannot Extract .EXE From Zip File On Windows 2003

Earlier today while working on a client’s server, which happens to be Microsoft Server 2003, I was unable to extract a .exe file from a zip file I had downloaded. After a moment of thinking I remembered that on Windows 2003 Server there is a default security setting that will simply not extract the .exe file. Below there are brief instructions on how to enable extracting a executable or .EXE file from a compressed zip file.

Technology Errors

WinRAR Extract Error: Total Path And File Name Length Must Not Exceed 260 Characters

Yesterday when extracting a ZIP file created with WinRAR I received dozens of errors during the process. The file I was extracting was generated from the entire Documents and Settings folder on a Windows XP computer and I was extracting it to the Desktop of another user on another computer. The issue is the fact that the path and/or filename exceeded the 260 characters which is set by WinRAR. Below I show some output from the errors received as well as two tips that should help resolve the problem.

Technology Insights

Import And Track All Of Your Xbox Live Friends On Your iPhone With 1337pwn

Tracking the online status off your Xbox Live friends is easy on your iPhone or iPod Touch using 1337pwn. This application will allow you to not only see the online status of your Xbox Live friends but you can also view their avatars, games played, gamer points broken down by game, and easily send messages to your friends (opens a Safari browser window). Below are a couple images of the application in action to give you an idea of how user friendly it is.