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Microsoft Outlook AddIns: What Is The Microsoft VBA for Outlook AddIn

I have been messing around with Microsoft Outlook 2007 today in an attempt to not only make it start quicker but also to make it run more efficiently. One area I have been concentrating on is the Trust Center where you can manage the Outlook Add-ins. The more Add-ins you can disable the better as each one th, at is disabled is one less task that Outlook has to load on start up and keep track of while running. Below I explain what the Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin is and how to disable this and other Outlook add-ins. Make sure you understand what each add-in is before disabling it because disabling add-ins could remove Outlook functionality that you use on a regular basis. A good example of this would be if you remove the iTunes Outlook Addin you will lose the ability to sync calendars between Outlook and your iPhone so if you don’t sync the calendars between the two then it can safely be removed for a small performance gain.

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Add CSS Per Page With Joomla – Page Class Suffix Not Working

I think with the template I have installed for Joomla that the Page Class Suffix is broken for some reason so I cannot easily add CSS changes that way. I was amazed at how hard it was for me to locate how to do this. I searched forever on Google and could not find the correct answer as most people discussed using Page Class Suffix which again was not an option for me. Anyhow when it came down to it I took the following steps to do this and was really surprised at how easy it was.

In Extensions >> Template Manager you can assign pages to different templates with Joomla. So the easiest solution for me was to copy my current template over to a new directory as described below.

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Purge FireFox cookies for a site

Frequently it is convenient, when testing and debugging (or even just when browsing normally), to purge all of the cookies for a particular site. Although it is possible to do so through FireFox’s cookie manager (accessible through Preferences, Privacy, “Show Cookies”), it is much easier and quicker to use the aptly named [Remove Cookies for…