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Stop Amazon Jungle Disk Backup Application From Starting Automatically On Windows 7

I have been using Amazon’s Jungle Disk as a backup application for awhile now and have been really satisfied by how it has worked to date. I first used Jungle Disk on Windows XP primarily but now I have it configured and working properly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I not only was using the backup portion of Jungle Disk but I also had the online drive configured as well on multiple computers but I found that I rarely used the drive so I have been investigating the configuration and resources that the application uses.

Technology Insights

Tor Tunnel

You may have heard of the Tor network which if affectionately known as the onion router. Tor is a anonymity software which is free and open source. The trouble with Tor is that it can be dreadfully slow for every day use. Moxie Marlinspike has come up with a solution called Tor tunnel. Tor tunnel basically uses just the Tor exit node rather than all the hops in between. Of course this is not as good a solution for anonymity however in situations where you only need to be mildly anonymous it can be effective.

Code Snippets

No Titles After Importing Blogger To WordPress

I imported an old Blogger account into a WordPress blog recently and my titles did not import correctly. So there I was stuck with 500 posts with no titles. I decided the easiest way to fix that would be to copy the post dates from the Blogger account to the titles in WordPress. So here is a fairly quick and dirty way to import qd_db_posts.post_date to qd_db_posts.post_title.

This will all be completed from your OS shell which in this case was CentOS 5.2.