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Ubuntu CLI Mail Command: The program ‘mail’ can be found in the following packages

While working on a clients Ubuntu Linux computer I needed to send some of the logs to myself so I could analyze them at a later date but there was not an SMTP server installed on the computer. This can be resolved by installing the Exim MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) using the below apt-get command which is actually stated fairly clearly in the output of attempting to use the mail command from the Ubuntu CLI as shown below. The initial attempt at using the mail command as well as the output from apt-get is displayed in the below example output.

Technology Errors

Ubuntu Exim Email Error: R=nonlocal: Mailing to remote domains not supported

While working on a clients computer yesterday I needed to send some of the logs from the computer to myself so I could analyze later on my computer. At first I had to install the Exim MTA which I will write an article on in the near future but once installed mail was still not being received. You won’t actually receive an error from the CLI when attempting to use the mail command from the CLI however after investigating the Exim logs located in /var/log/exim/ the below error was observed and resolving the issue was completed using the steps below.

Technology Errors

Windows 7: Telnet Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command

I needed to test a Exim mail server from my Windows 7 laptop a little while ago and was surprised when I typed telnet I received an error. The error indicated that the telnet client was not installed on my laptop which seemed odd since I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I assume that telnet in general is being phased out of most operating systems in general however it is a great tool for troubleshooting. After a little digging around in the Windows Programs Control Panel I was able to easily install telnet. Follow the directions below to install telnet on your Windows 7 computer.