Technology Insights

How to Edit the Path Environment Variable on Mac OSX

I was installing some tools on my mac today which I wanted to have in the path. Specifically I was installing the Android-SDK tools. I wanted to have the adb shell come up no matter which directory I was in. Being a Linux guy I check out /etc/profile but discovered that mac does it just a tiny bit different . Below I will show you two ways to edit your path in mac OSX. One is permanent and one only lasts until reboot.

Information Security

Disable PHP allow_url_fopen For Security Reasons

Recently I was doing a security audit on a Linux server and noticed some Apache and PHP items that needed to be modified to make the server more secure. One of the items that should be disabled is allow_url_fopen because the risk that it can be abused. The issue is that allow_url_fopen is on by default even though many times it is never used on a server. Modify the below line in the Linux servers php.ini file which typically located in the /etc directory.

Technology Insights

sudo: unable to resolve host

I ran in to the weirdest error today.   “sudo: unable to resolve host”. I got this error even running as root which was the really weird part.  I was especially confused because I have been running Linux as my main OS for the better part of 10 years and have never run into this issue. Turns out the solution is very simple and almost elementary however I decided to make a quick post about it.