Technology Errors

Perl Module Error: Can’t locate URI/ in @INC

In the process of installing Monarch, which is a Nagios file manager, earlier I ran into a couple errors for modules I thought I had already installed. Then I realized the issue must be because during the process of installing modules Perl wanted to upgrade from 5.8 to 5.10 on CentOS. I went ahead and upgraded Perl however I left 5.8.8 intact since CentOS seems to rely on Perl 5.8.8 in many ways. Anyhow the full error I received is below as noted from the Apache error logs. You can easily resolve the below error by following the directions below.

Technology Insights

Configure LiteSpeed Web Server Logging Options

Most of the logging options for LiteSpeed web server are very basic and general however I wanted to detail them to help others make educated decisions when it comes to the logging configuration. There is one option I use outside of the normal log configurations which is configured in a tab other than the log tab under server configuration. Below I will explain all of the configuration options and provide examples of what I recommend for LiteSpeed.

The very first thing I do when configuring a new server is to modify the “Disable Initial Log Rotation” option from “Not Set” to Yes. The purpose of this option is to make the lsws log file directory a bit more manageable. The Disable Initial Log Rotation option will stop the error.log file from being rotated every time the server is restarted. If you are on a development server this might happen numerous times a day thus creating a mess in your log directory. Instead I only rotate the error.log file based on size as described in detail below.